Power Rangers

Other Guests

I actually felt pretty crappy this morning. Especially when I found out from Buzz, Ray-Z and a few others that the Rangers, Bruce and Greg showed up at the Rangerboard party for a while. *grumbles* it’s ok though, cause Ray took pics and they’re on Ranger board so I can go get them and keep em.

Hmm, not much happened today except I got autographs. And lots more pics. *laughs* I got one of all three the rangers, one with me with all three of them together, a couple of them with Greg, some pics of the Rangerboarders, oh, yeah, AND I GOT MY SYD SKY PIC! *grins* Aly and Chris posed for me so I could have my Syd/Sky pic…it looks awesome!

Chris teased me during the autograph session. I got a shot of him talking to Lisa where he’s pulling up his pants….I don’t think he was too thrilled I took the pic, but when I showed him he laughed. The poor boy was getting blinded by me, I kept snapping pics of him…..GOTTA LOVE HIM! He’s so nice!

And yes, I got pics of the girls, both together and apart. They’re both awesome! And so is Greg! I also snapped lots of pics of the Rangerboard crew, and I remembered to give my thank you cards to Chris, Monica and Aly. Should have seen the look Chris gave me and heard him teasing me about what was inside..nuff said. *grins*

I found out something cool. Chris and Aly drove down from Toronto together. *grins* I got a picture of the truck they drove…it’s white. *grins* I also got a picture of Greg and Chris’ butts…I couldn’t help it. I behaved myself all weekend, I had to have one naughty moment. *laughs*

I cried the entire way home. It was hard after spending the whole weekend with the cast, the gang from Rangerboard, and Eyeshine and everyone else from the con, to go home and back to real life for me. I have very sweet and fond memories of them, and I’m glad I went. It was a blast!