Power Rangers

Other Guests

OMGOMGOMG! *grins*

Ok, first of all, the SPD panel in the morning was AWESOME! They answered tons of questions about the show, about each other, etc, and they even gave us a cool gift. Greg Aronowitz, one of the executive producers, had his lap top with him and created a slid show, with Bruce, Alycia, Chris and Monica’s help of pictures from their 9 months together….it was so cool! Those poor Rangers, almost every pic of them on set and in their uniforms (cadet) was of them trying to catch some sleep. I didn’t ask any questions, just took lots of pictures. We did get them to goof around for us, they sang the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air after Chris said he likes Will Smith as an actor…*laughs* it was hilarious! And then the three of them sang part of the SPD theme song when we were talking about why the guy who wrote the MMPR theme song wasn’t chosen to write the Mystic Force one. And Chris had us laughing doing Arnold Swartzenegger (sp?) impressions. It was hilarious! And we talked about Omega, and how Greg and Bruce acknowledge how much of a big mistake that was. And they told us funny stories from on the set, and talked about some of the other actors and crew…and the actors were really nice to the little kids who had questions.

I learned an interesting tidbit of info – Chris based Sky off of Val Kilmer’s character in Top Gun. *grins* neat, ain’t it?

After the Panel, we headed outside, and I worked up the courage to get pics with Chris, Alycia and Monica…..they’re soooooooooooo nice! Chris was such a sweetheart, and the look on his face in the digital pic with me was hilarious. Alycia was really sweet too, and she was really nice cause when I got my pictures with her, she put her hand on my back and kinda rubbed my back to calm me down. *blushes* I had a fangirl moment, so sue me! She definitely ranks up there with Amy Jo in my book as far as Pink Rangers go. And then Monica – SHE’S AWESOME! She asked me my name, and said it was a sweet name.

Gotta thank Bri and Tech_Styles for taking the pictures for me with my cameras. They were cool. It was cool, cause after we got the pics with them, Tech and I drove over to Oakland Mall and had lunch….got a real treat cause singer Ray J was there for one of the radio stations. Didn’t get to see him but you should have seen the mob of screaming girls…it was worse than the screaming girls at the con.

When we came back, I got to get autographs from Eyeshine (including JYB!) and pics of them. They were pretty impressed with me getting autographs and pics for Chrissy too! And Alex said he recognized Chrissy Eyeshine forum name…it was cool! I also got Yuri Lowenthal’s autograph and the voice actress for Temari (sp?) from Naruto. And then when Bri and I were traipsing around the Dealer’s Room, I got Kristine Sa’s autograph too! It was cool! I think the only ones I didn’t get were Caitlin Glass and Vic Mignogna and David Anez….gonna try Sunday for those….and of course SPD’s (that’s gotta wait till Sunday).

There was a Rangerboard party at 8, and the Rangers were invited, but I was so tired and I really didn’t want to crowd them, so I headed home about 6:00 p.m. It was such an awesome day!