Power Rangers

Other Guests

Met the gang from Rangerboard…..awesome group of people! First person I got to meet…sorta….Johnny Yong Bosch. OMG! The boy is fine in person, and so quiet! The next two people I got to meet, or rather see, were Chris Violette and Alycia Purrott. HOLY SH*T. CHRIS IS FINE! And Alycia is soooooooooo pretty!

And then I saw Monica. My camera went wacky….*growls at the digital* It got all blurry and icky on me, so the two really nice pics of Chris and the nice one of Aly that I got didn’t turn out too good. It was cool though, cause I remembered I had the film camera. *grins* Thank God for the good ol 35 mm. Anyway, opening ceremonies started 2 hours late, which screwed my plans for the evening up. I went to the Sentai panel…it was cool.

I missed the Eyeshine concert cause it was on at the same time I was chatting it up with SPD. THAT WAS AWESOME! THEY ARE AWESOME! So many stories we heard from the set…Halloween, Monica flushing her morpher, the bit with Aly and Chris and the mud…OMG.

It was also really cool because the gang and Greg and Bruce answered questions. I asked about how they felt about the first female Red Ranger ever being a MINOR character instead of a major one. They gave me good answers, and I felt funny cause Chris stared at me pretty intensely the entire time they were answering the question. That boy has the bluest eyes on God’s green earth, I’m telling you!

Anyway, after the SPD meet and greet, I came home because really, I think they canceled the Eyeshine autograph session, and I was tired and hungry…I didn’t eat at all today.

Well, I can’t wait for tomorrow! It’s gonna be CRAZY!